Première of “Quinteto para viento” (“Wind Quintet”) in Ateneo de Madrid.

Madrid, September 2nd 2023. Last July 22nd, Globo Ensemble premièred Ismael García Daganzo’s “Wind Quintet” during their concert called “Contrastes” in Ateneo de Madrid. The program was completed with works by Henri Tomasi and Carl Nielsen.

The concert took place in Ateneo’s Major Hall, attracting a large audience in the context of the recently inaugurated chamber music series “Salón del Ateneo”, in which musicians such as Albeniz Trio, Arnau Tomàs (founding member of Casals Quartet) or the Bonet / Pérez / Rosado Trio, among others, will participate during this season.

The “Wind Quintet”, by Ismael García Daganzo – composed last 2021 – had a wonderful reception during its premiere. “The work draws from a deep knowledge of each instrument’s sound intimacy. Through a thorough writing style full of details, devoted to the most traditional forms of music composition, the composer seeks a sound continuity that progressively blurs. However, in his ambition to achieve abstract plenitude, the composer invokes an attempt of hope, a new desire, a constant round trip with an important narrative significance. Moments of sound amplitude, of groups of musical motives that are presented as explosive gestures with their subsequent rests, almost regrets. / Three music movements embedded into one, full of recurring ritornellos that -following Proust’s style- never are what they initially were, leading into the final repetition of the work’s initial measures, that end up disintegrating. Floating blocks, regrets without a clear origin. But ultimately, a proposal of pure musical enjoyment, of free extensions happily subject to their own rules” – as the Explanatory Notes read.


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